Echo Migration

** Now Supports CRM 2015 **

Echo has one purpose in life to effortlessly migrate your on-premise CRM data to CRM Online. It has beem specifically developed to manage migration from one Dynamics CRM organisation to another with minimal configration. It addresses the ‘fringe cases’ such as status management, activity parties, quick campaigns, custom entities – which can take several man-weeks to configure other migration tools and manual mapping can be inaccurate.

It is tool to migrate ALL your data from a Dynamics CRM V4 or 2011 database to a CRM Online organisation.

Microsoft have no supported (or physical) way to perform import of your existing on-premise organisation into CRM Online - for a full explanation of why this is please see our FAQs .

Migration using the CRM SDK differs from ‘Database to Database’ migration which most migration tools are designed to achieve. Making full use of the Dynamics CRM SDK mean the migration is done in a fully supported manner.

Other licensed uses of Echo include:

  1. Perform a data cleansing excercise on your data, by having the freedom to select only the entities you wish to migrate you can easily discard any obsolete or redundant entities.
  2. Change of the SQL Collation – Maintaining Microsoft Support
  3. Import or update of data direct to (source) – Maintaining Microsoft Support

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